Lets environment

Default environment variables#

lets has builtin environ variables.

  • LETS_DEBUG - enable debug messages
  • LETS_CONFIG - changes default lets.yaml file path (e.g. LETS_CONFIG=lets.my.yaml)
  • LETS_CONFIG_DIR - changes path to dir where lets.yaml file placed
  • NO_COLOR - disables colored output. See https://no-color.org/
  • LETS_COMMAND_NAME - string name of launched command
  • LETS_COMMAND_ARGS - positional arguments for launched command, e.g. for lets run --debug --config=test.ini it will contain --debug --config=test.ini

Override command env with -E flag#

You can override environment for command with -E flag:

shell: bash
NAME: Rick
cmd: echo Hello ${NAME}

lets say - prints Hello Rick

lets -E NAME=Morty say - prints Hello Morty


lets --env NAME=Morty say - prints Hello Morty