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  • [Dependency] upgrade cobra to 1.6.0

  • [Dependency] upgrade logrus to 1.9.0

  • [Fixed] Removed builtin --help flag for subcommands. Now using --help will pass this flag to underlying cmd script.

  • [Added] Add --debug (-d) debug flag. It works same as LETS_DEBUG=1 env variable. It can be specified as -dd (or LETS_DEBUG=2). Lets then prints more verbose logs. Also debug logs are nicer now.

  • [Added] Add --config -c flag. It works same as LETS_CONFIG=<path to lets file> env variable.

  • [Added] LETS_CONFIG env variable now present at command runtime, and contains lets config filename. Default is lets.yaml.

  • [Added] LETS_CONFIG_DIR env variable now present at command runtime, and contains absolute path to dir where lets config found.

  • [Added] LETS_COMMAND_WORKDIR env variable now present at command runtime, and contains absolute path to dir where command.work_dir points.

  • [Added] Add init directive to config. It is a script that will be executed only once before any other commands. It differs from before in a way that before is a script that is prepended to each command's script and thus will be execured every time a command executes. See config reference for init

  • [Refactoring] Config parsing is reimplemented using UnmarhallYAML. This ends up in reduced size and complexity of parsing code.

  • [Refactoring] Command now is clonable and this opened a possibility to reimplement ref, depends as map and --no-depends - now we clone a command and modify a brand new struct instead of mutating the same command (which was not safe).

  • [Refactoring] Command.Cmd script was replaced with Cmds struct which represents a list of Cmd. This allowed generalizing so-called cmd-as-map into a list of commands that will be executed in parallel (see Executor.executeParallel).

  • [Refactoring] Error reporting has changed in some places and if one is depending on particular error messages it will probably reak.

  • [Refactoring] Simplified Executor by extracting commands filtering by --only and --exclude flags into subcommand.go.

  • [Added] Command short syntax. See config reference for short syntax. Example:


    cmd: echo Hello


    hello: echo Hello
  • [Added] If command starts with _ it is considered hidden and will not be printed in help message unless --all root flag is provided.

  • [Changed] Improved rendering of description directive. When used in lets help usage message the text will be stripped to 120 chars and only text up to first \n will be taken. Thus help message will be rendered cosnsistently in width. It is still possible to have a lot of text in description and all this text will be used in lets help [command] help message. See config reference for how help messages works


  • [Added] remote mixins experimental support. See config for more details.


  • [Added] --no-depends global option. Lets will skip depends for running command

    lets --no-depends run


  • [Added] completion for command options
  • [Dependency] use fork of docopt.go with extended options parser


  • [Fixed] Breaking change Fix duplicate files for checksum. This will change checksum output if the same file has been read multiple times.
  • [Fixed] Fix parsing for ref args when declared as string.
  • [Added] ref args can be a list of string


  • [Fixed] Run ref declared in depends directive.


  • [Noop] Same as 0.0.42, deployed by accident.


  • [Fixed] Fixed publish to aur repository.


  • [Fixed] Tried to fixe publish to aur repository.


  • [Added] Allow override command arguments and env when using command in depends

    See example in config docs

  • [Added] Validate if commands declared in depends actually exist.

  • [Refactoring] Refactored executor package, implemented Executor struct.

  • [Added] Support NO_COLOR env variable to disable colored output. See

  • [Added] LETS_COMMAND_ARGS - will contain command's positional args. See config.

    Also, special bash env variables such as "$@" and "$1" etc. now available inside cmd script and work as expected.

  • [Added] work_dir directive for command. See config

  • [Added] shell directive for command. See config

  • [Added] --init flag. Run lets --init to create new lets.yaml with example command

  • [Refactoring] updated bats test framework and adjusted all bats tests

  • [Added] ref directive to command. Allows to declare existing command with predefined args See config.

  • [Added] sh and checksum execution modes for global level env and command level env See config. eval_env is deprecated now, since env with sh execution mode does exactly the same


  • [Added] Allow templating in command options directive docs


  • [Fixed] Publish lets to homebrew


  • [Added] Build lets for arm64 (M1) arch
  • [Deleted] Drop 386 arch builds
  • [Added] Publish lets to homebrew
  • [Added] --upgrade flag to make self-upgrades


  • [Added] after directive to command. It allows to run some script after main cmd

    cmd: docker-compose up redis
    after: docker-compose stop redis
  • [Added] before global directive to config. It allows to run some script before each main cmd

    before: |
    function @docker-compose() {
    docker-compose --log-level ERROR $@

    cmd: @docker-compose up redis
  • [Added] ignored minixs It allows to include mixin only if it exists - otherwise lets will ignore it. Useful for git-ignored files.

    Just add - prefix to mixin filename

    - -my.yaml

    cmd: docker-compose up redis


  • [Fixed] Added environment variable value coercion.

    VERBOSE: 1
    cmd: docker-compose up

    Before 0.0.28 release this config vas invalid because 1 was not coerced to string "1". Now it works as expected.


  • [Added] -E (--env) command-line flag. It allows to set(override) environment variables for a running command. Example:

    # lets.yaml
    NAME: Morty
    cmd: echo "Hello ${NAME}"

    lets -E NAME=Rick greet
  • Changed behavior of persist_checksum at first run. Now, if there was no checksum and we just calculated a new checksum, that means checksum has changed, hence LETS_CHECKSUM_CHANGED will be true.